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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Biloela 2 day Workshop

Last weekend I headed up to central Qld to teach a 2 day workshop to Biloela visual arts group. After a train and 2 planes I arrived to find my suit case had not followed me. Luckuily Qantas were very helpful and sent it in a taxi the very next day.
We set up at the Redeemer primary school and the art room was great with metal benches and plenty of power outlets.
There were 11 students and all very enthusiastic encaustic beginners.

So two great days went so quickly and I got to see a bit of Biloela and enjoy the company of Maria Wiley and her family. We sat up late talking art and discovered we agreed on so much. The same types of work inspires us both. So I had a fab weekend and got paid for it isn't it a great job!


  1. Had to mention on my blog your fantastic inspiring workshop in Cairns Mo & can't wait to do more soon.

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